Gear cutting

Our primary activity is gear cutting for component parts for clocks, watches and apparatus engineering applications. For this we use both Strausak and Wahli machinery. Whether we are working on prototypes, short runs or large-scale production items - quality is always our top priority.

 Workpiece Ø  from  0.2  to  35 mm
 Toothing length      max.  22 mm
 Fixing length      max.  45 mm
 Steel module      max.  0.75 mm
 Non-ferrous metal module      max.  1.00 mm
 Number of teeth        2 to 390

Roller burnishing

This non-cutting finishing process, designed to compact the surface, ensures optimum precision, rigidity and surface quality. The process is carried out using both fully automated and hand-operated machinery.

 Pivot Ø  from  0.08  to  2 mm

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